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About us

Onfarm Solutions Global

We have been partnering with dairy farmers for over 12 years helping them with labour efficiencies and helping them reduce the risk of mastitis.

Since 2008, we have made it our mission to provide practical solutions for dairy farmers to help win the war against Mastitis. 

​The “Teatwand Automatic Teat Spraying System” was born from necessity, a partnership between one of New Zealand’s leading mastitis consultants and Gary Arnott, an Automation Engineer (and now the company CEO). Onfarm Solutions was formed to address the problems associated with poor teat spray coverage associated with existing automated teat spraying systems on the market at the time.

 Using Dr Joes expertise in the mastitis field the idea of the Teatwand design was to mimic the “action of a person’s hand”. The system had to be robust, reliable and most of all deliver teat spray to all four teats consistently no matter how many cows were milked on the platform per day. We carefully observed what the best application practices were. As a result of these learnings, we developed the first successful automated teat sprayer.

The Teatwand system was designed to be ingeniously simple, smart and accurate.

Five prototype Teatwand systems were installed in Canterbury, New Zealand in 2008 with great success, so much that while three have been upgraded to the Teatwand Exact, two of these prototypes remain in operation today.

The Teatwand 400 was introduced in 2010, a more refined product than the original systems, which is still sold into markets today where smaller herds are prevalent.

The first Teatwand exported was to the state of Victoria, Australia in 2011 and the first export to the Northern Hemisphere to England in 2012.

After travelling to the US in 2013 to visit larger commercial style dairies, Onfarm Solutions saw the need for a larger more robust system that could deliver teat spray in a smarter manner. From this the Teatwand Exact was developed and made commercially available in late 2013.

Dairymen who have our systems consider them a vital part of their management practices in the control of Mastitis.

The first Teatwand Exact system was installed in the US in 2015 after Walter van Loon from St Louis, Michigan travelled to New Zealand to inspect the Teatwand Exact in action. As a result, he has now installed four Teatwand Exact systems. Since then, well over 200 Teatwands have been installed in North America.

The Teatwand systems successfully achieve consistent teat spray coverage of all four teats automatically with no human intervention.

​This revolutionary and innovative idea resulted in rapid growth with dairy farmers in New Zealand and North America, as the Teatwand was well suited to solving the growing challenges of labour costs, teat spray application and regulation. 

Following a request from Riverview Dairy in 2018, a large-scale dairy operation in Minnesota, who milk cows on 106 stall rotary parlours and were struggling to find an automatic teat spray system that could deliver effective teat spray coverage at speeds of 3.5-4 seconds per stall, Onfarm Solutions developed the Teatwand Rapid system.

From our very first installs in 2008, we have been partnering with dairy farmers in New Zealand, Australia, United States, Canada, Argentina, Holland, Spain, Hungary, Denmark, Italy, South Africa, China, Thailand, Israel, Russia, Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. Over 1000 Teatwand systems have been installed worldwide.

Precise, accurate and measured – because every spray counts.